🍺 Ride the Spiral

Ride the Spiral by Silver City Brewery Style: IPA - Imperial/ Double New England ABV: 8.0 Rating: A+ Aggressive, yet approachable, Ride the Spiral Double IPA packs a tropical punch of fruit flavor, with the addition of natural pineapple and orange essences within an intensely hopped, hazy IPA. Spiral out. HOPS: Citra, Amarillo MALTS: Pilsner Malt, Flaked Wheat

🎵Bellacoso by Residente & Bad Bunny

Marley’s new favourite song 🎧

Today has been rebranded from wednesday to excelday.

That’s the post.

And just ‘cause everybody’s doing it

Does that mean that I can too?

— no buses

Accidents happen

This has been a strange week, so far. Yesterday, I arrived to work about an hour late. Why? There had been an accident, a terrible one. The commute to work can be a scary one. This is an old ‘highway’, a two lane long road, in which the speed limit is 55 miles per hour (88.51 km/h). This means we are all doing no less than 60, most likely. On top of the speed limit and high traffic, there is almost no illumination whatsoever.

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you gotta partake before you partook

— Mathew McConaughey

He talks funny.

James Bond’s Spycraft Sound — Switched on Pop

On this episode of Switched On Pop, we uncover what inspired the theme, how it’s changed, and why it almost never happened.

a fun listen, i cannot wait to watch the newest 007 flick

A quick note on task managers

For a while, I have gone back to using TickTick as my main task manager. As much as I love Things 3, it is not my best option. As for my job, I use a Windows PC. Recently, I had started messing around with Todoist again, and it works great, haven't had any issues whatsoever. Until today. Today I remembered why I had stopped using Todoist in the past. For whatever reason, every once in a while, it breaks.

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A post of ideas forgotten

I purposely, grabbed my MacBook Pro, even charged it, opened Ulysses and wanted to write a blog post. Now that I am sitting, very comfortable, and with a beer, I had forgotten what I was going to write about. This does happen a lot, actually. Maybe I was just and excuse to use my Mac? I am sure it will come back to me. Until then. Stay tuned?

Today, we don’t have a Marley and a Luna, we have Sarah and Miss Ariel. 😅

Arts and crafts Sunday



medium trouble