Hello, March!

It is March 1st, not only that, but it is also a Monday and my final days at level 37 😉. For whatever reason it seems like a great opportunity — or excuse — to start new routines and setting up goals and do my best to stick with them. Well, more, than just starting or creating new ones, it is more like adding some to an already existing set of everyday routines.

First and foremost, better quality sleep. I need to be consistent with this one, go to bed on time, try to get 8 hours of sleep instead than less than 7. Wake up on time, be at work on time, this is an area in which I have been slacking a bit for a while. My job, or at least the team I work with, it is not very strict when it comes to the schedule as long as the job gets done. But still, I want to do better at this.

Reincorporate workout routines. I need to get moving, I need to get back into a healthier lifestyle and loose weight. I have tons of excuses and some of them may be valid ones but excuses nonetheless. Last week I kind of started on that, I actually closed all my rings pretty much all week except for Friday.

I want to have a more consistent and effective routine when it comes to organizing my week and work duties. Many times I find myself very unorganized and, as we say back home, Algarete, adrift, no sense of direction and just doing, thus things fall through the cracks. Whether is using pen and paper, an application or just a calendar system, I am not sure, perhaps all the above. But what it’s clear to me is that I need to create the habit, create an ongoing routine.

If you have made it this far, my birthday it’s on March 31st, I like vidjia games, beer, movies and scotch. 😉