Let me tell you a story

Yesterday I shared some pictures from Marley’s school field trip to the Botanical Gardens. However, I didn’t tell the whole story.

Basically, the story goes like so. As planned, we wake up bright and early, yeah right! I woke up late, then I was rallying everyone to hurry and eat breakfast. Everyone as in Marley and Luna. Still, we managed to leave the house at a good time and made it to the Gardens 15 minutes early!

We had to check in at 9:00am but Marley’s class tour wasn’t until 10:40am. They ran around the grass area then we remembered that there was a park nearby with a playground. We head over and Luna and Marley are having a blast.

At 10:30-ish, the tour.

They also had a blast. We were done by 11:30am ish, and I asked the girls what they wanted for lunch, and it was a unanimous decision to go to the Twisted Timber. Marley and Luna wanted pizza and I was longing for a Fiesta Salad, NOM NOM NOMS.

So, I’m driving through the connector (or freeway) when Marley and Luna started “fighting” as they normally do. This time though, things went…

Apparently Luna was taking Marley’s chips away, to which Marley felt the need to hit her sister. However, not in a way that she really meant to? Next thing I hear is Marley “Luna’s nose is bleeding!!!”

So, I pulled over to the side of the connector, Marley is freaking out, Luna is too and bleeding. And here I am grabbing Annie’s cardigan and using it to stop the bleeding, sorry Annie. There’s blood everywhere. After a few minutes, that for me was like hours, the bleeding stopped and Luna calmed. But Marley is still freaking out because now she feels awful about what had happened.

Now I’m rushing home, to get Luna cleaned up and sort everything out…

Marley spends a few hours crying and feeling awful. Eventually, she comes around, apologizes to Luna.

If there’s something I have learned with these two is that you will never know how things will turn out on any given day. 😅

Luna is fine, and so is Marley, and me. Later we all went to the Twisted sill 😜

I had my Fiesta salad 🥗 and the girls had pizza 🍕

The end…