A game I’m playing

When it comes to video games, if you give me a sword, the bigger, the better, and I will hack and slash my way through. The more overpowered you can make me, and crazy combos — even better. Shooters, I will go Rambo on them mother frackers, guns blazing, wrath of god, Old Testament, and then some.

Last week, I started playing ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights on the Nintendo Switch. This game is a dark fantasy 2D RPG, or at least that is the description, which it’s accurate. Furthermore, I would say, it has a very Souls-like feel and style.

I have a big sword, sort of, but I cannot hack and slash my way through like I would in a Warriors/Musou-style or action RPG game. This game requires more patience, knowing your enemies patterns and know when to strike. This becomes a problem where I lose my coolness, when I forget this is not a hack and slash, and I need to be more thoughtful of my course of action and movements.

The game is gorgeous with beautiful crafted dark environments that make contrast with the main character. The music, it’s great, creating a serene atmosphere within all the darkness in this adventure.

The main character, her name is Lily, and you awake after an unforeseen descent of the rain that transformed all living things into undead monstrosities known as the Blighted. And you pick up a ‘Spirit’, and this is how you would fight and defend yourself through this dark adventure. You also collect more spirits along the way, that will add different abilities to your character.

Although I have had to make adjustments to my playing-style, I am truly enjoying it. I am about 2 hours into it. I have died a lot, and mostly because of my own impatience. Bosses — and mini bosses — are very punishing, they can take a big chunk of health. I do find myself leveling up and gaining experience rather quickly, not sure of this is standard for these games. You heal by praying or resting at specific spots, also known as respires, where you would — again — respire when you die. You don’t lose any of your experience or progress. Yes, you might end up farther back since you’ll respire and your latest saved location but any doors you unlocked or items you picked, you don’t lose those. You can also fast-travel between these. At these spots you also heal all your stats, you can upgrade your souls and charms. You can also visit memories, which is basically that you can fight bosses you have already beaten. Why would you do that, I don’t know, perhaps to level up?

This is really a fun, beautiful indie game. I am enjoying it quite a lot. Lately, I am into this indie, souls-like, rouge-like games phase, and I think the Switch is the best way to play these (in my opinion).

I do hope I can finish it and if I do that it will give me the confidence to play other games in this genre.