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I have lipstick

It is my duty and responsibility to every single morning, take the girls to grandma's house before work.  Some mornings are easier than others, or smoother I should probably say. Some others, not so much. Today was a relatively smooth one. Now, this is how the ride went.

Luna, every five minutes. 

Lu: Papa!

Me: Yes, Luna?

Lu: I love you!

Me: I love you too, Luna.

And repeat...

Once at grandma's house, Marley walks out of the car, I grab Luna, grandpa comes out and grabs Marley's backpack and lunch bag (and whatever else may have been sent from home by mom).

I take Luna inside and I say Goodbye.

Then both girls come run to the door,

Luna: Papa, hug!


Marley: Papa, Hug!


Marley: Sorry Papa, I don't give you a kiss because I have lipstick!


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